A musical night to remember

Our Patron and great supporter, John McMurtrie, has formed a local jazz super group, the BluesBerries, and is promoting a series of concerts to help get Sydney live music back on its feet

John and the BluesBerries have very generously dedicated the proceeds of two concerts at Low302 in Surry Hills, on June 30 and July 4, to The Chappell Foundation.

Tickets, at $100 each (including drinks) are limited to 100 each night and guests also will be able to make tax-deductible donations to TCF during the evening, from 5.30pm to 8.30pm.

John, a late-blooming saxophonist, promises a memorable experience from an 11-piece band that covers the gamut of popular styles – jazz, soul, blues, rock and modern pop.

BluesBerries features the vocal talents of John Field and Bronwyn Mulcahy; a five-piece horn section of Dan Fallon, Steve Fitzmaurice, Danny May, Tilly Grieve and John; Rowan Lane (bass); Lee Fallon (lead guitar and vocals); Dave Hibbard (drums) and Paul Beard (keyboards).

These musicians have shared stages with the likes of Robbie Williams, INXS, Human Nature, James Blunt, Jimmy Barnes and Linda and Vikka Bull.

Proceeds go entirely to supporting TCF’s frontline youth homelessness charity partners.

And, as John reminds us, the concerts also promote musicians who’ve done the past 16 months as tough as anyone else in our community.

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