A tough but rewarding year

Chairman Darshak Mehta reports on our most difficult 12 months and the challenges ahead.

The Chappell Foundation has survived in good shape, what must be the most challenging year of most of our lifetimes.

We were fortunate to host our marquee Annual Dinner on February 11, between the savage bushfires that began 2020 and the Covid-19 outbreak shutting down the country in March.

The dinner was attended by about 500 Foundation supporters and we raised almost $400,000 – both records.

TCF had two other record fund-raisers this year. In August, the Sports Stars Sleepout at the Sydney Cricket Ground raised almost $115,000 and in October, our persuasive Canberra angels Sue and Peter Maloney coaxed more than $120,000 from 120 attendees at their iconic “Maloney’s Long Lunch”.

With that and the munificent ongoing support of TCF Patron John Singleton AM

and John McMurtrie AM, our staunch benefactor from Day One, we were able to boost support to our youth homelessness charity partners through the year.

Responding to the severe effects of Covid-19 isolation on young people at risk, the Foundation has allocated more than $1 million to our partners since March.

That means in three and a half years The Chappell Foundation has distributed more than $2.27 million to charities at the frontline of the youth homelessness.

Another $250,000 allocation is in process and we have about $300,000 still to distribute.

Since July 2017, the Foundation’s activities have raised a total $3.14 million for youth homelessness, or $2.82 million after expenses.

(Our expenses are almost entirely the costs of events, plus some regulatory and banking fees; TCF is operated solely by volunteers and does not maintain an office nor pay salaries.)

We began 2020 supporting BackTrack Youth Works, Stepping Stone House, Ecumenical Coffee Brigade and WAYS Youth and Family.

We have since agreed to support three more frontline charities: Taldumande Youth Services, The Burdekin Association and Raw Potential (Canberra).

From our Sydney base we are forging ties with like-minded groups in Canberra and Brisbane and in time, hopefully, other cities and towns.

But we are under no illusion how difficult 2021 already looks for a Foundation that raises most of its funding from public events. We need your support now more than ever.

These are tough times, but youth homelessness is a crisis we are determined to ameliorate. We are now considering options for our 2021 Annual Dinner.

Watch this space….

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.

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