Sleepout is back but we never stopped

The Sports Stars Sleepout, our first post-coronavirus fundraiser, is set to go.

We are assembling a fine team of sporting greats to raise funds for homeless youth by sleeping out at the Sydney Cricket Ground one cold August night (see next item).

But The Chappell Foundation never stopped during the health crisis.

If anything, we worked harder to distribute the funds you donated through 2019-20.

Before the shutdown, TCF delivered $400,000 in nine months to the youth homelessness frontline.

By late March, our partners BackTrack Youth Works, WAYS, Stepping Stone House and Ecumenical Coffee Brigade were under new stresses inflicted by the Great Isolation.

For example, all but two of Stepping Stone House’s youngsters in work were laid-off.

So, between late March and early June, we outlaid another $580,000, with $110,000 more in the pipeline now.

Early in the new financial year, we expect to distribute $200,000-plus.

We will take on at least one more homelessness charity as a partner.

Our bank account should be almost empty when the Sleepout comes around.

That is deliberate. TCF seeks to deploy all funds raised against youth homelessness as quickly as practicable.

It also means we’re extra keen to resume fundraising with the Sleepout.

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