Taldumande grant finalised

TCF’s board today authorised a $250,000 grant to Taldumande Youth Services to help buy a house for young people aged 12-15 years who are at risk of homelessness.

This is the Foundation’s first grant to a bricks-and-mortar project. Usually we support service delivery programs.

Taldumande is seeking a property in the Greater Parramatta area for its Family Preservation and Restoration Program.

The program gives secure shelter and counselling to teenagers who cannot be at home, usually because of family stresses, with the aim of them returning when home conditions improve.

Major property developers Lendlease and Multiplex will contribute to ensuring the property meets Taldumande’ requirements and government standards.

North Sydney-based Taldumande has been helping homeless and at-risk youth for 40 years.

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